This experience is conducted by Christophe Rocher for many years with all sorts of people: making orchestras that mix musicians and non-musicians, sometimes only non-musicians. « I have had this experience in schools, prisons, festivals, art schools, in Africa, in France, in neighborhood houses, each time the final concert is of great intensity, An inventiveness that touches me deeply. Conventions move, poetry too, it is for me a great human and artistic experience.

All the workshops give rise to a final concert with or without guest (musician, poet, dancer …) according to the contexts.

This unique experience has gone through Le Quartz (Brest National Scene), Bohars Primary School, St Brieuc and Brest prisons, Lorient School of  Arts, Le Mans Europa Jazz Festival , The music teacher school of Nantes , Le Pannonica in Nantes, the College of Ploudalmézeau, the Bamako college of art, the colleges of Guipavas, Saint Pol de Leon, Plougastel Daoulas, the Lycée de Quimperlé, the Estran in Guidel, the Psychiatric Hospital of Montpellier (association « les murs d’Aurelles »), the Atlantic Jazz Festival, the La Criée Festival, Jazz of Vannes with the house of district of Kercado …



Some rehearsal moments :

Some instants of the 5th May 2017 concert:

Workshop in ULIS Class (Middle school) (Classes of students with disabilities), Guipavas College, France: